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Qwiklit Presents: A Gatsby-themed Reading Playlist

With The Great Gatsby coming out at the end of the week and the warmth of this Northern Hemisphere increasing everyday, I’ve created a playlist inspired by summer and Fitzgerald’s great American classic. A mix of the old and new, this playlist combines Blues, Dixie Jazz of the 1920’s, Electroswing and some modern indie-pop to create a warm and nostalgic experience for […]

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You Should Know: Canadian Author David Adams Richards

David Adams Richards has been whispered of in Canlit conversations since he was an undergrad in at St. Thomas University in New Brunswick. Richards cut his teeth at the Ice House, a well-known retreat for Atlantic Canadian writers during the 1960’s. He didn’t even finish his undergrad, as his unfinished novel The Coming of Winter was picked up for a […]

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10 Essential Prairie Novels

The American and Canadian Prairies are usually portrayed as one of two things: Either a desolate landscape inspiring ennui or a homely locale containing more genuine folk. These novels prove that the Prairies hold anything but; From frontier westerns to psychological explorations of the self, these ten works assure that literature leaves no land—however barren—untouched. The Englishman’s Boy – Guy […]

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When Chinua Achebe Stood Up to a Giant

As we now mourn and celebrate the passing of one of the pioneers of African literature, I just want to look back at one of Achebe’s most controversial moments. In 1977, the Nigerian author wrote “An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’” in the Massachusetts Review, and since then, the short essay has become a major counterpoint to much of […]

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In Defense of the Humanities

The Humanities has become the butt of a lot of jokes on college campuses. Apparently, it’s the degree that’ll get you that waiter or barista job you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child. And guess what? You’ll be serving all those business and engineering majors five dollar frappés from Starbucks. Arts majors can dream about the bourgeois life while the others […]