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Famous Books that Began as Dreams

Sleep Advisor has provided us with a wonderful infographic showing how some of the most important novels started with a little sleep (as opposed to, say, night after night of […]

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Need to get rid of your writer’s block? Try a writing hackathon

Breville Espresso Machine As the morning fog dissipated over San Francisco’s Mission District, I approached a quaint bookstore with a gray cat played upon a lime-green marquee. Alley Cat books, a […]

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Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers

by advertisement Pickles vs. the Zombies – Pre-Order Now In the infographic below, Unplag plagiarism checker dives into big-name writers and their extraordinary jobs. No one is born a writing […]

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20 Desserts Inspired by Your Favorite Books

[In Partnership with] Breville Espresso Machine Movies, have popcorn, and books have … dessert. Nothing pairs better with a good book than a sweet treat lifted right off its […]

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The Journal of Bison Jack: The mad, haunting poetry that took over Tumblr

Breville Espresso Machine In today’s day and age, it’s hard to become a well-known poet, let alone a respected one. I somehow found someone who is both. Jason Armstrong Beck, […]

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How To Write Like Joan Didion

Breville Espresso Machine The Key to writing like Joan Didion is to combine detailed, thorough description with a hint of biting irony. This primer is for both fiction writers and […]

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How one slam poet brings education and performance together

Breville Espresso Machine Slam Poetry has been a breeding group for talented young poets for decades now, and in recent years, it has continued to grow into a global phenomenon. […]