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I am proudly announcing that has released an iOS app. Tapestry Story Reader is an aggregator that focuses solely on short fiction, poetry, nonfiction and reviews, and is built with the literary community in mind.

Available on the App Store, Tapestry gives you access to both online literary journals and websites that regularly produce good work. Instead of spending your time searching for the right short story or poem, you can access the latest work from your mobile phone. From there, we make it very easy for you to share the work with your friends, thereby increasing the traffic and coverage that each short story receives online. We are currently working hard to develop an Android version, as well.

We created this app because (1) it’s extremely hard for independent authors and for publications to grow online and (2) the literary publishing industry is a billion-dollar market lacking a viable, meritocratic platform. Tapestry will let them connect and submit work to all these publications. Now, you can submit fiction to over 60 literary magazines in seconds. On Twitter and Facebook, our social media will inform you on impending deadlines for contest and journal editions.

For Tapestry, we have a very tangible goal in mind. Even if the app gets only 5,000 daily users, that will likely double the traffic for about half the websites featured on Tapestry. With doubled traffic they will be able to grow, and with growth they will be able to better compensate authors for their work, and with better compensation, authors will be able to focus more on producing what they love.

The Internet is not built for short stories and poetry. Search engines prioritize relevancy and importance in terms of current events, but fiction is often sequestered to the corners of the web. Tapestry is built to bring that content to “the front page of your phone”.


But the app does not own nor take any of the outside content. Rather, the app allows you to travel to the website where the works are located, thus giving century-old literary publications an opportunity to compete with emerging new media websites and well-respected blogs on Tumblr and Medium.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to the hundreds of millions of book lovers on earth to help spread the work of the world’s best authors. So please check it out, and please tell your favorite bookworm–they’ll thank you for it.



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