50 Reasons You Should Be A Bookworm

Let’s face it: I’m a bookworm. Some people might think that spending hours mulling over an old paperback edition of a Russian novel will help you with nothing. But there are many reasons why you should stop everything you’re doing right now and head to that odd-smelling used bookstore around the bend. Us bookworms know more than you think.

1. We know how to move on

Slaughter-house Five

2. We know how to get away with murder…and feel bad about it
Crime and Punishment

3. We know how to make the worst possible things sound pretty


4. We know how to Dress for the occasion

Great Gatsby

5. We know how to question authority…


6 …Even when everything seems perfect

Brave New world

We understand:

7. Those who others ignore

Curious incident

8. The oppressed


9. The Lost


10. The Blind


11. the Faithful

Brother's Karamazov

12. The Non-faithful

Father's and sons

13. The Drunk


14. The Addicted


15. The Good

Idiot Book Cover

16. The Bad

Brighton rock

17. …And the Ugly

Hunchback of Notredam

18. We Know how to get ahead in the Business world

American Psycho

19. We can host a pretty damn good dinner party…

Mrs Dalloway

20. …and find the best place to host it


21. We can live alone…

Notes From Underground

22. …but work with others

Three Musketeers

23. We know how to respect our fellow man…

To Kill a Mockingbird

24. …and ruin his life if we have to

Count of Monte Cristo

25. We know how to use our imagination

Don Quixote

26. We know how to dream…

Cloud Atlans

27. …And how to make others dream too

Do Androids dream

28. We know how to ask all the right questions…


29. …And give all the right answers


30. We Know how to make it in America


31. Survive in America

Grapes of Wrath

32. Be free in America


33. Fight in America

Red Badge of courage

34. We can release ourselves from the shackles of others…


35. …Or put on the shackles ourselves

120 days

36. We know how to fall in Love

A Farewell to Arms

37. We know how to find ourselves…

Razors edge

38. …Even if we don’t know where we are

Life of Pi

39. We know how to organize a government

Lord of the Flies

40. …And Bring one down too

V for vendetta

41. We know how to look back on our past

Swanns way

42. We know how to play our part…

As You like it

43. …Even if it doesn’t seem too important

Fifth Business

44. We know how to get smarter…

Flowers for Algernon

45. And be the Smartest.

Sherlock Holmes

46. We know when to lead…

Henry V

47. …And When to follow

War and Peace

48. We know how to grow old…

Death of Ivan Ilyich

49. …And How to Stay Young

Catcher in the rye

But Most of All…

50. We Know How to put in a good day’s work


38 thoughts on “50 Reasons You Should Be A Bookworm

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  11. Marie Engstrom says:

    I submit that with these books, we’d never be lonely. We will be friends to all, because we understand all, the good, the bad, and all the rest of us, in between.

  12. Dede Cummings says:

    I kept waiting for Proust…yup, in there! And ending with JJ—perfect. I posted on our Facebook virtual bookgroup, “What Books (Be Honest) are on your Bedside Table” (member’s welcome!). Thanks….

  13. Dede Cummings says:

    Reblogged this on DC Design and commented:
    Waiting for Marcel Proust….so, this list is fun and creatively done. That’s my post for the month….now, back to reading all 50!

  14. Reblogged this on EMME Books and commented:
    I’ve learned (or relearned) recently that I should always write my blog posts for the current tome before I start reading the next one! I have been neglecting my post for “To the Lighthouse” due to burning the midnight oil reading “An American Tragedy”, which is a real page-turner. Apologies!!

    While I continue with that effort, please enjoy this awesome post that fits our project perfectly, reblogged from Qwiklit.com, one of my favorite sites. Be sure to read all the way to #1 on this list of “50 Reasons You Should be a Bookworm”.

    Keep reading! – Heather

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