With The Great Gatsby coming out at the end of the week and the warmth of this Northern Hemisphere increasing everyday, I’ve created a playlist inspired by summer and Fitzgerald’s great American classic. A mix of the old and new, this playlist combines Blues, Dixie Jazz of the 1920’s, Electroswing and some modern indie-pop to create a warm and nostalgic experience for a warm day by the beach or in your backyard. Here is a full track listing below:
00:00-03:31 – Louis Armstrong – La Vie en Rose
03:31-06:20 – Sidney Bechet – Dardanella
06:21-11:48 – Parov Stelar – Jimmy’s Gang
11:48-16:06 – DJ Vadim and Katherine de Boer – Black is the Night
16:06-19:32 – Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces – Michigander Blues
19:33-22:16 – Bix Beiderbecke – In a Mist
22:16-26:15 – Fats Waller – Ain’t Misbehavin’
26:16-28:56 – Nuno Endo – Christopher Columbus (Squirrels & Onions Remix)
28:57-31:36 – Original Dixieland Jazz Band – Palesteena
31:37-34:33 – Paul Whiteman – My Blue Heaven
34:34-38:10 – Air – Playground Love
38:11-40:29 – Kuricorder Quartet – Apao Overseas Travel
40:30-43:40 – Andy Preer – I Found A New Baby
43:41-46:58 – Original Dixieland Jazz Band -Broadway Rose Lilly I love You
46:58-51:18 – Avalanches – Since I left you
51:19-54:22 – Bix Beiderbecke – I’ll be a Friend With Pleasure
54:22-57:45 – Louis Dumaine – Pretty Audrey
57:46-1:01:40 – Air – Photograph
101:41-107:25 – Shemian – 1927
107:26-109:56 – The Beatles – Girl
109:57-113:10 – Napoleon’s Emperors – You Can’t Cheat a Cheater
113:10-121:56 – Oriole Orchestra – Bud Jackson
121:57-124:20 The Kooks – Seaside
124:20-127:13 – Thomas Morris – The Mess
127:14-130:26 – St.Louis Blues – Original Dixieland Jazz Band
130:27-132:31 – Vampire Weekend – Mansard Roof
132:32-135:27 – Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces – Weird and Blue
135:27 – 138:27 – Real Estate – It’s Real
138:28 – 141:42 – Paul Whiteman – Whispering
141:42 – 145:18 – Caravan Palace – BrotherSwing
145:18 – End – Edith Piaf – La Vie en Rose


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