By Sharon Crosby

Improving upon the writing includes a number of different aspects to be taken care of so as to have a cohesive structure in writing, while keeping the content engaging and interesting.
This article takes a look at 15 online resources that can greatly help in improving one’s writing across different aspects of the process.

Define the Structure and Style of your Writing
The structure of the writing is of prime importance as it decides as to whether a reader will be kept engaged or not. Poor structure in writing often repels readers and should definitely be avoided. Once a good structure is achieved, a style of writing can also be developed. The following online tools and resources can prove to be really helpful in providing handy tips on defining the style and structure of writing.

1. EssayMama’s Writing Guide

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EssayMama is quite well-known as an online resource that both provides writing services and offers tips and guides on writing. The website is known to be helpful for people who deal with having to produce content on a daily basis and the guidelines and tips will definitely help individuals understand how to produce quality writing content in a short period of time. The guide tells how to compose an excellent structure for your writing, so this resource is advised to be used at the beginning of your writing process.

2. The Elements of Style

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The Elements of Style is probably one of the most acclaimed and insightful books that delves into the different styles of writing and defines the various processes that are used in it. The online version of this book proves to be useful both in practical writing and also in understanding the various rules and norms of using language in writing.

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3. The Economist Style Guide

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The Economist is an established and reputed brand and their style guide on writing can prove to be extremely helpful. Following the guide will help individuals to write in the style of formal announcements and releases, while keeping readers as engaged and informed as possible.

4. Guide to Grammar and Style

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Jack Lynch’s book on the Guide to Grammar and Style is one which is highly recommended. Not only does it offer practical tips which can very easily be applied in one’s writing, but it also proves to be quite useful in understanding how the rules are derived and what effect proper usage of style can prove to achieve. The book is available as an online e-book for quick reference.

5. Manual of Style

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The Manual of Style is the defining set of guidelines for creating the structure and style of writing Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia articles are written to serve the purpose of being as informative as possible to readers and should have a level of consistency in terms of style and cohesion. This manual must be referred to if somebody intends on writing Wikipedia articles.

Make your Writing Accurate
It is essential to keep one’s writing and grammar as accurate as possible. Mistakes in writing are not seen upon too kindly and should be avoided at all costs. The following online resources can help keep one’s grammar in check and also make writing more accurate.

6. The Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Available in a number of levels sorted out to serve different aspects of the writing process, this resource is a must use for anyone looking to deal with writing on a frequent basis.

7. Using English Punctuation Correctly

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Incorrectly used punctuation can completely change the interpretation of a sentence and it is essential to always use punctuation correctly so as to convey accurate meaning. This resource helps keep punctuation in writing checked.

8. Grammar Girl

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Grammar Girl is a well-known online resource which helps with different aspects of writing. There are quick tips offered which can greatly help in keeping writing correct at all times.

9. Paradigm Online Writing AssistantScreen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.27.01 AM

This online assistant provides to be very handy as a resource for free-writing and different aspects of writing. An established and reputed resource, it is frequently visited by writers from all over the world.

10. The Tongue Untied

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This is a very useful guide to styling, punctuation and grammar which also provides a curriculum and practice tests for improving upon one’s writing. There are also writing workshops featured on this website.

Get Practical Tips on Writing

Practical writing can prove to have some subtleties and nuances that are not very easily visible at the first go. In order to write successfully, one needs practical tips from time to time from experts. These resources can help do just that.

11. The Write Practice

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Covering tips on different aspects ranging from effective writing practices right down to lifestyle tips for writers, this resource must be visited by every serious writer.

12. The Creative Penn

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A highly informative and useful blog covering different aspects of writing and publishing, which also provides useful tips on entrepreneurship and marketing related to writing.

13. Writers and Artists

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This website contains the most practical and useful advice which is considered widely useful across the industry. The resource features guides, articles, tips, interview section and much more from acclaimed and respected people involved in the industry.

14. Writing Room

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The Writing Room is somewhat of a social platform for writers where they can communicate with each other and can review and help each other out. Contests on writing are often held on this website which can be quite helpful.

15. TheWriteLife

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TheWriteLife is a freelancing website for writes which can help writers collaborate and create content in order to earn money. The community of the website is quite large and the resource proves to be helpful in a number of ways for freelance writers.

Writing can serve not just as an outlet of individual passion, but can also prove to be a valuable source of income for many. The purpose of communication is quite well served and writing certainly plays a big role. And nowadays to produce more engaging content every writer needs to look for any opportunity to improve his writing skills.


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