• I think the glory of these prompts is that everything is up to the writer, even the interpretation of the prompts. You can interpret what ‘a secret place’ is in any way you wish. Let your mind roam free 🙂 Do you leave the note there forever? It’s up to you…what kind of meaning and effect to you want this note to have? What is YOUR purpose of the message you leave behind?

  1. Because I adore finding random things tucked inside used books (to me they are pieces of someone else’s life…I’ve found some pretty cool things), I thought I would purposely do the same. A used book is a ‘secret’ place to me because even I don’t know where it will eventually end up and the next owner doesn’t know it ever passed through my hands. My post-it says: In this world, we leave puzzle-pieces of ourselves littered among the ruins of who we thought we were… and today’s date 🙂 It gives me a thrill to not know who and when a stranger will find my note. It will be a mysterious part of their day when they are reading this used book and come across my note ❤

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