Not only am I passionate about the education of the language arts, but I firmly believe that we need to promote its place among all other areas of study, as well as in the public sphere, where its core values are being lost to drugstore paperbacks and other distracting media. Literature is the glue that binds cultures and alloys time. Literature reminds us of the humility that we need to promote every day if we want to keep the core tenets of humanity unscathed. The purpose of Qwiklit is not complicated, though–we merely want to give regular people the push they need to explore novels, poetry and theater that otherwise would seem too daunting to even begin. Cheers,


Meet the Team!

Phil James, Founder of Qwiklit

Qwiklit coverphoto

I am currently finishing up my schooling at Western University in London, Canada. My other interests include history, technology-based entrepreneurship and theater. I also play volleyball. LinkedIn

Elizabeth DiEmanuele, Head Contributor


My name is Elizabeth DiEmanuele and I’m one of the writers for Qwiklit. As a member of the team, I am passionate about literature and the arts. Literature is what teaches us think critically and for ourselves. In the growing age of technology and the mass production of the arts, it is more important than ever to acquire these skills. Moreover, I believe, in literature’s ability to provide different perspectives, it allows us to experience the unique emotions of the other. In this way, reading teaches us to empathize for those who are different from ourselves. This is why I aspired to join the team. We need a place on the internet that anyone—readers and non-readers—can go to learn more and discuss the significance of the arts. LinkedIn

Emily Groleau, Head Contributor


My name is Emily Groleau, and I am happy to be a part of the Qwiklit teams as I complete my undergrad in English. As an advocator of the arts, my interests include history, theory, and the creation of fantastical realms within my own writing. Qwiklit is an invaluable and relevant resource for anyone who is interested in learning about how literary mediums permeate culture—past, present, and future.

May Huang

May Huang was born in Taiwan. She currently lives in Hong Kong and writes articles for the Young Post. Her head teeming with crotchet notes and different rhymes, May is determined to balance her passions for playing the violin and writing with her schoolwork. Read her blog here www.may-theforcebewithyou.blogspot.com.

A big thanks to all our other contributors:

Emily Groleau

Alex Carey

Alex Shough

Nathaniel LeBlanc


We are currently selling advertising space and seeking funding to boost the potential of this website. Qwiklit requires many hours of hard work to maintain and promote, so we welcome others with a similar drive to promote arts & culture online. If you have any questions or even article requests, we would love to hear from you.



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