The Essentials

We are constantly adding new resources to this educational section of our website. We know that literature can be as complex as it is rewarding, so we are just trying to help you out.

Novels By Country

Russian LiteratureAmerican LitQwiklit - Canadian Literature Literature




20 Essential Feminist Readings


Theatre of the Absurd – 15 Essential Works

And More

Prairie NovelsInsanityNovelsNewCanonIndian LiteratureGraphicNovelsWhymagazinesneedfiction50 States50 Novels A Literary Tour of USAHow to be a villain 101GillerPrizeShortlistFrenchNovelsEverything You Needed to Know About F.Scott FitzgeraldEssentialNovelsaboutNYCEleanor Catton Wins Booker PrizeGatsbydeathofsubtletyDavidAdamsRichardsClassicNovelsneverheardofChinuaAchebeStoodUpToagiantBookwormalexanderMacleod25 Rare Photos of Famous Authors20 greatest epic poems of all time20 Essential American Dramas8 Invaluable skills you gain from studyigng literatureRussiaGreatNovels


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